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  • The Wild's Haunted Trail WEEKENDS in October

  • 2018 Season Passes on SALE

  • The Thrilling 3 = 3 new exciting rides!!

  • The Wild's Haunted Trail WEEKENDS in October

  • 2018 Season Passes on SALE

  • The Thrilling 3 = 3 new exciting rides!!



Below is a general list of attractions with specific rider requirements. Please note that these restrictions are subject to change at any time without notice. Be sure to read all rules and requirements posted at the bottom of each slide or attraction before participating.

Cyclone - WIld River Country

The Thrilling 3

Wild River Country has 3 new high thrill rides!  An Aqualoop, Speed Slide and a Free Fall Plus!!


This high thrill, body-sliding experience launches you from a tunnel into a large bowl that you orbit around before free falling into the splash pool below. Must be 48 inches or taller to ride.


This roller coaster style ride slides you through 500 feet of twists and turns. One or two people can ride.


Put yourself over the edge with this “extreme” vertical high-speed ride. Smallest person must ride in front.

Accelerator - WIld River Country


One or 2 people can share an adventurous family raft ride. Mom or Dad can ride but this time the kid gets to be in front.

River Rapids - WIld River Country

Wild River Rapids

Turn and twist down a hillside filled with sun and fun.

Vortex - WIld River Country


This heart-pounding ride is totally enclosed in darkness. You’ll feel the twists, dips and turns – you just won’t see them coming.

Black Lightning and White Lightning - WIld River Country

Black Lightning and White Lightning

Begin these rides high above the treetops, flying down the surprising twists and exciting turns.

Wave Pool - WIld River Country

Wave Pool

We bring the ocean to you with our half-million gallon Wave Pool. Waves peak every 10-minutes.

Tad Pool - WIld River Country

Tad Pool

Shooting fountains, waterfalls, slides and the Splashin’ Tree Frogs make this a child’s paradise.

Ole' Swimmin' Hole - WIld River Country

Ole' Swimmin' Hole

Slide on Vertigo, see if you can make it across the Lily Pad Crawl or just play in our Activity Pool. Great place for small children to play and practice swimming!

Volleyball - WIld River Country


Four-person, family raft ride. The largest raft ride in Arkansas.

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